Cat’s Night Out






I noticed the screened door
Open one night.
I decided to take
A stroll outside.
My person never lets me
Go outside.
There are a million smells
I have noticed from an open door
Or the inside of this cage.
It’s cruel to let me smell
And not let me investigate.

Walking down the street,
I came across two cats.
“Who are you?”
One asked.
The other hissed.
I hissed back.

They slowly approached me.
“Go back to your street now,
We won’t tell you again,” the second cat hissed.
I held my chin high.

The two cats attacked me.
Biting at my neck,
A claw just missed my eye.
I tried to fight
back, but I have no front claws.
They had me outnumbered.
All of a sudden barking emerged.
The two cats screamed “Dog”,
And ran away.

I hobbled back to the screen door,
Still open.
I went to my person’s window
And cried
And cried.
Now I know why she never
Lets me out.


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