Mastering Figure Eights

Figure eights are the fundamentals of figure skating.

I step out onto the ice,
with freshly sharpened blades
and I cannot move.

I still remember
how to do spins and jumps,
I just can’t get my body to remember.
My balance is off
and I cannot gracefully glide.
I look like an amateur
slightly stumbling.

I must find my edges again
and curve circles.
I must find my center
again while spinning.

I must start with the scratch spins
and single jumps
then move up
to the laybacks and doubles.

I skate around
too nervous to attempt a double.
There’s five minutes left.
It’s now or never.

I turn,
pick goes in
and I’m in the air.
I land on my butt
with smile on my face.


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