One Tree Hill

Through the years I’ve made it through
the tough times.
But I didn’t do it alone.
Wednesday nights at eight and
reruns helped
me through.
Haley’s songs calmed me.
Lucas and Peyton
made me hope.
Brooke made me believe in
my dreams.
Quinn showed me how to say
goodbye to someone I love.
Then Quinn and Clay
made me look to the future.
Whenever I feel lost I
turn to One Tree Hill,
but the people who
have helped me through all these
years are gone.
They said goodbye to
Tree Hill
and I’m still lost, in
need of guidance.
So much is ending
in my life.
I want One Tree Hill to
hold on to.

A Letter to Love

Love, I’ve waited for you
since I was a little girl.
I put myself out there
when I was a teenager.
You broke my heart.
I kept trying
to find you.

Then one day a boy gave
me his heart and I
gave mine back.
Then I vowed to love this boy
for the rest of our lives.
He destroyed that bond.

Love, why are you
so cruel?
You want us to keep giving
our hearts away in hopes of one day
finding you,
only to lose you and give
us pain.

Are you even
worth it?
I’ve shed too many tears on my
pursuit to find you.
I had to fight for my dreams
and lose you.

Love, I’ve given up
on you.
No more will I give
my heart away
on false hopes.
Love, you’re not out
there for me.
You’ll have to sell your fairy tale
to someone else.