Sushi Bar Opens in Stadium Center Grommet Grocer

Want something healthy, exotic and tasty without having to leave campus? Have some sushi.

Southern Tsunami Sushi is now located in the Gourmet Grocer on the first floor of Stadium Center.

The sushi is made fresh every day and is available through meal exchange.

For the price of one meal, you may choose between a California roll, a spicy tuna or salmon roll, a teriyaki chicken salad roll and a vegetarian combo roll, each made with either white or brown rice. Each meal comes with a small bottle of water.

Those students who do not use the meal exchange program may purchase these rolls for less than six dollars.

They also have other classic rolls like the Philly and more exotic rolls like the dragon and rainbow.If they don’t have your favorite roll prepared and ready to go, they will make it fresh for you on the spot.

Southern Tsunami looks a lot like the sushi counter at big grocery chain, just smaller.

There really isn’t much of an atmosphere to it. It is tucked away in the Gourmet Grocer and unless you know where to look, it might be hard to find.

Most students appear to be finding it though. When I went, it was very crowded and everyone was getting sushi.

I had the spicy salmon with brown rice and it was very good. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, but it was good for sushi from a grocer and the staff was very helpful in getting me what I wanted.

Because of the instant popularity of the new venue, it might be better located outside the grocer to allow for more customers. The Gourmet Grocer is just too small to hold the volume Southern Tsunami already seems to be bringing in.

The students were raving about the fact that we have sushi on campus now; one girl even called her friend to tell them about it.

Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, Southern Tsunami seems to be an instant hit.

Posted January 20 2010 at 9:03 pm

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