Commuter Parking Lot to Open

After much anticipation, the new designated commuter parking lot should finally open this week.

The lot, located next to the Valencia Gardens restaurant, was scheduled to open during the sixth week of school.

However, according to Bill Neyland, facilities senior project manager, the lights ordered for the lot were delayed and are now scheduled to come in this week.

Two days after the lights arrive, the parking lot should open.

There are 68 spots in the new parking lot.

Kelsie Huth, Student Government president, said those in charge of the new parking lot listened to student concerns.

“[They are] helping portray the student wishes [on] how the lot should be utilized,” she said, listing after-hours parking rules for residents as one example.

There was minimal work involved in getting the lot ready, according to Neyland.

There was some patching up to be done and a palm tree was moved.

The area was also fenced and surveillance was put in place.

All that remains are the light fixtures.

The lights for the new commuter parking, like some other new lighting structures on campus, are supposed to be “green.”

“We ordered induction lighting over all other types because they use half the watts for the same amount of light and last 100,000 hours,” Neyland said.

Neyland said the Valencia Gardens lot was chosen because it “was the most feasible way to add parking.”

Some commuters, however, are unsure about the location of the new lot.

They think that it’s in an unsafe area.

“The area looks sketchy. I know they are inserting cameras, but it still would feel safer to park [on] campus than away,” said Mariana Herrera Mosli, a junior.

“It seems like commuters are given outsider parking, which really feels as if the campus is alienating the commuters.”

She also said she wouldn’t use it because it’s too far from her classes.

Joanna Merhi, also a junior, said she wouldn’t use the new parking. “What about those commuters who leave late at night? It doesn’t look too nice back there. It’s just scary,” she said.

Posted November 05 2009 at 8:11 am

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