The First Movie to Scare Me in a Long Time: ‘Silent House’

I saw a preview for Silent House and thought to myself, it looks scaryI then read that it was shot in all one take and in real time. I thought this horror film had potential, but I’ve seen so many scary movies that haven’t scared me, that I was skeptical.

I sat down to watch Silent House in my room in the dark, the only way a horror film can be watched, with an open mind and a bag of popcorn.

As the movie started, the house seemed creepy and I waited for something scary to happen.

We were shown who the characters were and then a loud bang happened and the movie really began.

The house the movie was shot in had  no electricity and the characters used lanterns and flash lights to find their way around the house. This definitely added to the scare factor.

The camera was either in the characters face or showing where they were going. The film made you feel like you were right there with them and waiting for something to pop out in front of you.

The scare intensity picks up throughout the film. By the end I was really scared. I wouldn’t say the movie terrified me, but for a movie to scare me says a lot.

The film is about a father, daughter and uncle who are fixing up their vandalized summer home to sell. While they are there the house was haunting them with dark secrets of their past.

There is a twist at the end that you may or may not see coming. I picked up on it before the secret was revealed, but whether you pick up on the secret or not, you will still enjoy how the secret is unraveled.

I’ve never seen Elizabeth Olsen in anything before, I’ve seen her sisters in plenty of films though.

Olsen was incredible. You were able to feel how scared she was and the pain she was in.

I think Olsen will have a more rewarding film career than her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, because this role was much more challenging than anything I’ve seen the twins in. Not to say that Mary-Kate and Ashley didn’t produce good films, they were just in a different category than this one.

Silent House is a remake of the Uruguayan thriller La Casa Muda, translated to The Silent House.

I think what makes this film scary is the way the movie was shot. There’s no time to catch your breath or calm down, the movie just continues. The fact that the movie makes you feel that you are right there with the characters helps. It’s not like you’re just watching these characters being scared, you’re being scared right along with them.

I know it’s a remake, so the idea was done before, but I hope other filmmakers remake unique ideas like this one or just come up with unique ideas of their own. I’ve been dying to be scared by movie for a long time. I hope this won’t be the last one to scare me.

Grade: A+

This film has already been released in the US on DVD and Blu-Ray and is due to be released September 17th in England, but you can rent Silent House from Blockbuster from August 31 to September 17th as an exclusive.

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