Emma Watson Chooses Education Over Hollywood

Emma Watson has been turning down roles to focus on her final year at Brown University.

According to The Daily Mirror, Emma, 23, is due to graduate with an English degree in May.

A source told The Daily Mirror: “Emma is in demand with Hollywood directors but has so much to focus on with her studies, that she has had to pass on a few things – she simply can’t do ­everything.”

“It’s tough but she believes it was the right thing,” the source added.

The Harry Potter star enrolled in Brown University in 2009, but took some time off to finish filming ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II’, The Belfast Telegraphreported.

According to the Metro, Emma transferred to Oxford University in 2011, but took some more time off to film ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’. She retuned to classes at Brown University at the beginning of this year.

The actress tweeted earlier this month: “Anyone handing in final papers, taking exams, working hard … You can dooo ittttt!!!”

Emma is just like all the other students studying for exams and writing papers.

She is not the first celebrity to attend an Ivy League school, but many other stars dropped out and Emma is very determined to finish.

According to Business Insider, Claire Danes dropped out of Yale University to return to acting. Matt Damon dropped out of Harvard University and Jake Gyllenhaal dropped out of Columbia University after his sophomore year.

Katie Holmes was accepted to Columbia University, but deferred her acceptance to star on the hit TV show, ‘Dawson’s Creek’. She had been deferring annually, but in 2006 her father withdrew her name from the university, Contact Music reported.

Emma is on the path to receive her Bachelor of Arts in May and hopefully after that we will see her on the big screen again.

Published on my blog, Hollywood Starlets on December 30, 2013: http://hollywoodstarlets.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/emma-watson-choosing-education-over-hollywood/


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